board members on the steps of the temple

Twenty-four members of the Betsuin Board on the temple steps following the installation ceremony on January 30, 2016. (Not all members are present.) Group and header photos by Alan Kubota

An opportunity to be a link in the legacy of the temple and help the sangha stay bright and strong

The Hawaii Betsuin bylaws provide for a board of up to 35 officers and elected directors, plus the Rimban and full-time ministers, plus presidents or representatives of certain affiliated organizations. Board membership is restricted to regular gojikai (dues paying) members, with the exception of 5 members who may be appointed from outside the gojikai membership. Terms are two years.

The role of the board is to manage, conduct, and control the general affairs of the Hawaii Betsuin through its powers of appointment and approval over such matters as personnel (ministerial and lay), programs, finances, and physical maintenance of the temple.

The full board meets each month following a Sunday service (typically the second or third Sunday of the month). The Executive Committee meets only as needed to address emergent issues that cannot wait until the next board meeting.

Board Members 2016-2017

* Executive Committee member