attendees in pews in the main temple hall for a combined Bon Mairi serviceDuring this Bon season, Hawaii Betsuin is again offering two weekends of combined (multi-family) Bon Mairi and Hatsubon services. These memorial services give people a special moment to reflect, remember, and feel gratitude for family members who came before us. Gathering together provides a chance to be surrounded by the love and support of others in a universal spiritual family experiencing many of the same feelings and emotions.

Hatsubon is the first Obon service following the passing of a loved one and Bon Mairi are for remembering any deceased loved ones. Service dates and times are as follows.

Combined Bon Mairi Services:
July 15 (Saturday): 10 am & 5 pm
July 22 (Saturday): 10 am & 5 pm

Combined Hatsubon Services:
July 16 (Sunday): 5 pm
July 23 (Sunday): 5 pm

Hawaii Betsuin recommends reservations for the combined services, though walk-ins are welcome for each service. (Reservations for private Obon family services will be taken by appointment as usual.)

Those participating in a combined Hatsubon service are asked to submit a photograph of your loved one if possible to the business office at Photos received in time will be included in a slideshow that will be presented during the service.