This article by Fujiko Motobu appeared in the April 2017 Goji newsletter. It has been modified slightly for web use.

Hawaii Betsuin BWA will sponsor the annual Eshinni-Kakushinni Day service on April 30 at 9:30 a.m. with the Dharma School students and families, under the supervision of Laura Nakasone. Dharma School will take the lead in conducting the service with the BWA support. The Dharma school students are our future Buddhist leaders in our community and the world. We appreciate their participation and honor them. Their concept of attending the services as families and participating together is indeed a concept that should be treasured. Just listen to them sing. They are certainly great.

framed images of Eshinni and Kakushinni draped with lei

Images of Eshinni and Kakushinni in place of honor before the altar.

Shinran Shonin is the founder of Jodo Shinshu. Eshinni was his wife and Kakushinni was the youngest of their six children. We know of Eshinni only through the 10 letters that she wrote to Kakushinni, which was discovered in Hongwanji archives in 1921. Eshinni served Shinran all through his life. She died at the age of 89. Kakushinni took care of her father until he passed away at the age of 90. Ten years after Shinran’s death Kakushinni built a Memorial Hall for his remains, and this was the beginning of the Ohtani Mausoleum in Kyoto.

On Eshinni Day the BWA invites everyone who attends the service to donate to the Hawaii Betsuin youth programs, the Dharma School, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. A once a year collection is made. Last year’s collection was a tremendous success. Each of the youth organizations was given $450.00 each. We appreciate the generosity from all of you who fully support our youths in the youth programs of Hawaii Betsuin.

This year, following the Eshinni-Kakushinni Day Service, everyone is invited to go to the social hall to enjoy a wonderful temple MusicFest. The MusicFest performances will feature the Dharma School families and teachers, the Choir, and a special guest performance by the Rev. Takamasa Yamamura of Myohoji Mission. See you there!

Music Fest banner, April 30, 2017