After service on Sunday, February 28, Betsuin members and friends were treated to a slide presentation by Jim Waddington about the fascinating experiences he and his wife Cindy had as conservation volunteers on Laysan Island. Jim is a retired accounting professor and a regular at the Wednesday evening Bon Dancercise classes at the Betsuin.

The couple stayed for months on the small, remote island 808 nautical miles northwest of Honolulu in 2009 and 2010, collecting data for the US Fish and Wildlife Service, largely related to the abundant and diverse bird life. They also performed ecological restoration work.

Attendees were rapt not only by the stunning wildlife photos but also by the story of life without comforts we take for granted like an easy fresh water supply, fresh food, and always-on phone and internet connections. We are happy to share a few photos from the slide show to give you a flavor of Jim’s presentation.

Event organizers are pleased with how well-received the event was and anticipate offering more “Sharing Life Experiences” events in the future.

Photos courtesy Jim Waddington (including the one in the header).

For more bio information on Jim, see the original event listing.

Jim Waddington at podium with image of Laysan Island sign

Jim Waddington delivering his presentation to the Sangha.

Jim Waddington with birds and plastic flotsom on Laysan Island.

Jim in a photo showing both the abundant birdlife and the abundant plastic debris.

a tunnel shaped tent

Home sweet home.

man with plants in backpack, woman holding plant in shade house

Jim heads out with plants in a specially-designed backpack. Cindy tends plants in the shade house.