Everyone is welcome to participate in our sangha, the temple community of like-minded seekers. Experiencing the Shin Dharma through listening and discussion is a universal benefit; participating in temple activities offers shared opportunities of selfless giving and interdependent community.

Membership in the Temple

Individuals and families who pay annual dues to the temple are considered regular gojikai members. Membership dues are key to supporting temple services and activities and are an expression of gratitude for all who came before to establish and sustain the temple. Members help ensure this link in the Buddha’s golden chain of love will be a place to encounter the dharma well into the future.

The membership form lists dues levels. You can pick one up in the temple office or print and mail in the PDF membership form linked at right.

Specific benefits supported by and/or provided to members:

  • Sunday religious services and fellowship time
  • Children’s & youth programs including Dharma School and Jr. YBA
  • Six major services and the programs held on these occasions
  • Dharma study classes to systematically study the teachings of both general and Shin Buddhism
  • Being part of the Buddhist legacy of 100+ years in Hawaii, 800+ years in Japan, and 2500+ years throughout the world
  • Joining & supporting the lay members that manage the general affairs of the Temple (Board of Directors)
  • Counseling sessions by the ministers that include referral to professional counseling services
  • Participating in affiliated organizations
  • Participating in cultural classes