Hawaii Betsuin BWA members on the temple steps

Hawaii Betsuin Buddhist Women’s Association (HBBWA) is both a temple organization and a “unit” within the Hawaii Federation of Buddhist Women’s Associations. HBBWA also joins with other BWA units in the Honolulu United BWA.

Since its founding in 1898, Hawaii Betsuin BWA has played a central role in the life of the temple in many ways, including organizing and supporting events, providing opportunities for learning and fellowship, and supporting student exchanges. And, through participating in regional gatherings and world conventions, Hawaii Betsuin BWA helps strengthen connections among BWA members worldwide.

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2015-2016 BWA Officers and Board Members
women in purple shirts in front of the altar in the hondoFlorence Wasai, President
Fujiko Motobu, Past President
Liane Wong, 1st VP
Wendie Yumori, 2nd VP
Fujiko Motobu, Secretary
Sharyn Sekine, Corres. Secretary
Lillian Kadamoto, Treasurer
Lillian Inatsuka, Assist. Treasurer
Peggy Shintaku, Auditor
Edith Tanaka, Auditor
Barbara Brennan, Carol Yamamoto, Fusae Kiyokawa, June Iwahashi, Tamayo Matsumoto
Rev. Tatsuo Muneto, Minister Advisor
Buddhist Women's Pledge ♫

small, flower adorned altar with standing baby Buddha

Hanamido for Buddha’s birthday made by BWA ladies and ministers’ wives. Photo by Ruth Tokumi.

As a person of Buddhist faith, I will follow Shinran Shonin who sought to live the life of truth; appreciate fully the blessing of human existence; thoroughly hear the Primal Vow of the Buddha; and diligently strive to live the life of Nembutsu as a Buddhist woman.

  • Earnestly listening to the teaching, I will live my daily life embraced in Amida’s Light.
  • Building a home fragrant with the Nembutsu, I will nurture a child of the Buddha.
  • Following the teaching of “One World,” I will spread the circle of Dharma friends.
Music to accompany the Buddhist Women’s Pledge song (Soriano/Springer):