The following article by Stacy Bradshaw appeared in the May 2017 Goji newsletter as an insert.

Happy May, Everyone! Hope everyone is  enjoying the cooler spring weather before the  hot of summer. As the completion of the new  PBA building draws closer (scheduled  completion in August), the temple facilities and  finance committees have been working hard to  begin the temple’s next large capital  improvement project. This project includes the  complete termite fumigation of the temple’s  main buildings, repair work of any termite  damage to the structures, and painting of the  main temple and annex buildings.

Due to the  tenting, we will be closing the temple  operations for roughly a 4-day span. The  current plans call for the closing to be from  Wednesday, May 31st through Saturday, June 3rd. If all goes as planned, we will resume  operations on Sunday, June 4th with our  regularly scheduled Sunday services.

We would  like to reassure the membership that the  facilities committee and office staff are handling  all preparations and preliminary work. We  sincerely apologize for the late notice and for any  inconvenience this may cause our membership.  We only have this small window for the  fumigation, which we believe would cause the  least amount of impact to the temple’s activities.  We appreciate your flexibility and understanding  as we continue with this project. As always, if  there are any questions or concerns, please feel  free to contact the business office during normal  business hours.