Centennial Celebrations

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Hawaii Betsuin BWA donates $15,000 to the temple’s Centennial Project Fund

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Photo by Ruth Tokumi Honpa Hongwanji Hawaii Betsuin recently kicked off a centennial year of celebrating the 100th anniversary of its widely-recognized temple structure. Hawaii Betsuin also recently started an ambitious centennial fundraising campaign for high priority temple renovations and improvements. Since Hawaii Betsuin’s Buddhist Women’s Association was also established over 100 years ago, current […]

New paintings of Hō-ō (Phoenix) and Gumyocho (two-headed bird) unveiled at 100th Anniversary Commencement Service

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Gumyocho, two-headed bird, header image

Hawaii Betsuin officially commenced celebrations of our main temple building’s centennial with a service on September 10, 2017. In attendance was His Eminence Gomonshu Gojun Ohtani, the spiritual head of the Jodo Shinshu denomination of Buddhism. One of many highlights at the service was the unveiling of beautiful new paintings in the altar area. On […]